We always want to know the benefits of yoga as yoga has become a part of our life, nowadays people are getting mad about YOGA as it gained popularity in the last few years. But instead of getting the proper information about what this “YOGA” is all about, we never thought to know the depth of yoga in real, we just considered it as a physical exercise, but in reality, Yoga is a lot more than that, Physical fitness is a very small aspect of Yoga.

YOGA is the one and only (we can say ) panacea which works on your entire Physical, Mental & Spiritual systems of your body you don’t only get the benefit of yoga on the physical dimensions of your body but it recreates the entire structure of your body and energy radiating out through your body(AURA).

A research conducted in Harvard Medical School reveals all the benefits.

NOW, How Actually Yoga Benefits on different dimensions of my body?

1.Physical Body Benefits of Yoga Asanas:

 The physical benefits of practicing Yoga Asanas are the very first benefits you can see and experience on your body. Asanas are the postures dedicated to different-different creatures on earth. According to Gheranda Samhita (One of the Three Classic Text of Hatha Yoga), there are 8.4 million Asanas has been described by Lord Shiva out of which in today’s time only 84 are known and only 32 comes under practice.

            Practicing and getting the mastery of each of these asanas leads to achieve the state of  Samadhi (Sam(balance) + Adhi (physical imbalance) )  and also helps you to get the desired body structure.  Some asanas like Dhanur Asana (Bow Pose), Chakrasana or wheel pose, Paschimottan or posterior stretch & Shirsh asana or headstand are very beneficial for entire health.

              Some series like Surya Namaskar is like the complete package of asanas and if you don’t have enough time to practice asanas only performing Surya Namaskar 5 times in morning can give you amazing results.

Yoga Asanas

Surya Namaskar Also Helps to Maintain the body posture and helps to achieve physical as well as mental health.

2.Mental Health Benefits of Yoga Practices:

yoga Meditation

We always find that our mental health and intellect is always not at its best – stress, anxiety & depression are always there in our minds. Yoga helps to rejuvenate our mind and refresh our whole body. The best mental health is directly related with the physical health. Best Physically fit you are the best Mental healthy you become.

That is the reason why yogic asanas have given so much priority before moving to any other practice.

In a survey conducted by NIMH, it has been found that the rate of suicides due to stress, anxiety & depression is increasing. According to Harvard Medical School, Yoga is the best practice to deal with these mental disorders. In a study, it has been found that people affecting from stress, anxiety & depression got a fast decrement of stress, anxiety & depression as they started doing Yoga practices.

yoga stress relief

There are many practices you can perform in order to get the most joyful and happy and healthy life. Making a habit of adapting YOGA DISCIPLINE  in your daily life can do your 60% of work rest you can achieve through Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation.

A) Pranayama

Pranayama is control of Breath”.

==>”Prana” is Breath or vital energy in the body. On subtle levels, prana represents the pranic energy responsible for life or life force.

==>”Ayama means control.   So Pranayama is “Breath in Control”.

In our hectic lives, we all have forgotten how to breathe properly everyone is in fast and fluctuating mood that we even don’t care about our breathing.

Doing Pranayama for 5 mins a day can help you to make your life better.  All you have to do just sith in a silent and open place where the air is fresh and start to do pranayama.

Techniques:Benefits Of Yoga

             a) Bhastrika:

Just Sit in a relaxing posture no matter you are at home or in the office just sit comfortably. And believe me it is so simple, all you have to do is :

  1. Sit.
  2. Spine Straight.
  3. Eyes Closed.
  4. Hands on Your Knees.
  5. No Tension On Your Face Or Any BodyMuscle.
  6. Start Deep Breathing Slowly And Completely INHALE & EXHALE.
  7. REPEAT 10-20 TIMES.

THAT’S ALL. Never thought this will be so simple.

Come On give it a try right now while reading this post and you will be amazed believe me…

                b) Nadi Shodhan:

This is also called Alternative Nostril Breathing

All You have to do is to sit comfortably, again no specific explanation for any posture just sit to the place where the air is clean and fresh you can open the window.

  1. Start with Left Nostril (Close your Right Nostril ).
  2. Eyes Closed.
  3. Spine Straight.
  4. Relax.
  5. Breath Deeply From Left.
  6. Hold The Breath And Close The Right Nostril.
  7. Open Left Nostril And Exhale Through It Completely.
  8. Now Inhale Through Right And Exhale Through Left With Same Steps.

Again you never thought the this will be so simple… but it actually is.

Now Let me clear you the benefits of these practices also: Helps in Relieving Stress, Anxiety, very good for Anger management, boosting Memory power and a lot more…

B) Meditation:


People are always confused about how to do meditation, what are the different techniques for doing meditation? and lot more confusion. In Sanskrit Meditation means Dhyana = Awareness. 

So you don’t have to find a posture or a place where you can do meditation or searching awareness, all you have to do is get aware of what is happening in Nature, about your surroundings, about your body and that’s all. Believe me, slowly you will see the changes around you and within you.

Always remember whatever is in this universe is within you and whatever is within you is in the universe so you are not an isolated entity to this world YOGA means UNION getting aware about your surroundings in nature and your body and mind will help you to achieve the ultimate goal of Yoga that is the union of This body with that ultimate divine energy.

Now Move to the Spiritual Benefits of YOGA.


3) Spiritual Benefits of YOGA:

Yes, it is true, Yoga has spiritual benefits.

You know which asana is the toughest asana?

And the answer is Letting Go. 

Yes Letting go is the toughest thing we all have to practice for. Proper Yoga Practice helps you to get master this toughest asana. The mother of all sorrows is the connection with the materialistic world.

Yoga helps you to realize the truth i.e. whatever is there in this materialistic world is not permanent everything is temporary, what is created has to be devasted.

Yoga helps you to accept this truth and helps to understand you by you more.

Another Spiritual Benefit of Yoga is Receiving Direction and guidance, when you start doing proper YOGA  your energy levels get high and more clear which helps you to take the right decision and makes you emotionally strong so gets a clear view and make you able to do self-guidance, it increases your ability to differentiate between Right and Wrong.


“Yoga Is not only to bend your body, it’s a journey of the self, through the self, by the self.”


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