800 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh


The Ultimate Training Course in Yoga and Yoga Therapy | RYS 800

Every learning course has an ultimate and though learning is a never ending process each stream usually has the highest certification course attached to it. Likewise the 800 hours master yoga, Ayurveda, and Nature Therapy Yoga Teacher Training offered by the Yoga Therapy Foundation in Rishikesh is the ultimate.

Top Course that Encompasses All

In essence; the 800 hours teachers training course offered by us is the top certification program at the end of which the successful learner becomes the recognized master in the art of yoga and yoga therapies. We have various other programs like 100, 200, 300, and 500 hours training programs for teacher but the 800 hours program is a combination of all of them and even more than that.

Best Materials and Teachers

In the 800 hours training program that is meant to make the learner specialist in their job and expert in healing ailments, we provide the best materials and kits and the training is imparted by the most learned masters in the art. The training is conducted in an interactive mode and in an extremely conducive environment.

What We Offer

In the 800 hours advanced master yoga, nature therapy, and Ayurveda teachers training program we offer –

  • A combination of best materials, top class teachers, and most friendly environment
  • The environment is lively and the training course is of cutting edge.
  • Correct understanding of the yogic traditions and philosophy, concepts of yogic sciences, asanas, meditation and integrating them with Ayurvedic treatments
  • Clear understanding of yogic nutrition and alternative healing therapies and more
  • Ways of achieving inner peace and containments
  • Deep dive into the hearts of the yogic system and the opportunities to gain all the possible knowledge about the art and science of yoga and yoga therapy.
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800 Hour YTTC

Our Organization is Internationally Recognized

Yoga Therapy Foundation is internationally recognized as registered with the Yoga Alliances in USA, UK and India and many other countries. The master of Yoga certification from the institute can open up a very bright career prospect as renowned yoga teacher for the learners.

A Different Approach

Our process of imparting 800 hours Yoga Teachers Training is based on a different approach to the process of teaching and learning. The program is meant for those that want to have deeper instincts about the yoga therapy and its healing process and their best uses. Our objective is producing qualified and inspiring trainers of yoga therapy and we draw on our vast experiences in the field and the support of our renowned and extremely able faculties doing the job. Our approach is providing the learners with a course combining the essences of the ancient philosophies inherent in yoga and yoga therapy.

Become the Master in Yoga Therapy

The 800 hours comprehensive training program offered by Yoga Therapy Foundation is meant to make the learners most accomplished trained yoga teachers. The course is designed accordingly with all the integral component like yoga postures, asanas, pranayaam, therapies, natural cure, yoga nutrition and Ayurveda for instance. But the course is not limited to these alone. Instead; our course make the learners conversant with the practical aspects of yoga therapies so that the passed out trained candidates can face any challenge come their way in administering yoga therapy or teaching yoga.

Try our unique course registering according to our calendar below and you will only thank yourselves for having taken one of the best decisions in life.