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Yoga Therapy Foundation, Rishikesh

Who we are?

Yoga India, Yoga Therapy Foundation under the very able and active guidance of Yogi Vishnu Ji provides the learners with the most secure platform for learning the techniques of yoga therapy. The environments we offer for our yoga teacher training in India, yoga ttc in Rishikesh are natural and most student-friendly and that is what makes us the best yoga therapy school in Rishikesh India You will not only learn the intricacies involved in yoga therapy but also the core principles underlying the physical and mental well-being of the people treated through the use of the therapies. Trainees will not only understand the forms of therapies but will also the logical components intrinsic to such therapeutic practices. Yoga therapy is an ancient art that has not lost its relevance over centuries and one has to appreciate the knowledge and traditions involved in the same. We at Yoga Therapy Foundation facilitate the process by providing yoga therapy courses, online yoga course. The foundation is educational, humanitarian and non-government organization. Yoga Therapy Foundation is located in the city of Rishikesh on the banks of river Ganges. The natural and peaceful environment is extremely conducive for yoga and yoga therapy learning and the atmosphere is like a holistic Gurukul that balances physical and spiritual excellence.

Yoga School Environment in Rishikesh | Yoga In Rishikesh

Our yoga therapy school is located against the lush green background and in a peaceful and natural environment in Rishikesh the yoga hub of India. At the same time it offers all the modern amenities that are essential and logical for the wellbeing of the students learning in the institute. Being one of the best yoga school in Rishikesh, We do not deliver yoga therapy as exercise or skill but as medicine for the ailing people suffering from pains and other ailments. Our teaching process makes yoga therapy a vibrant practice based on intense knowledge and appreciation of the tradition, contextual values as well as the philosophy inherent in the process through scientific explanations.By attaching the body with the subconscious and super conscious mind we make the process as much a spiritual healer as it is physical. Peaceful natural environment around coupled with all the modern amenities made available to the students render our institute ideal abode for learning yoga therapy.

Yoga Therapy Foundation Rishikesh

Founder and Tradition

Founder of Yoga Therapy Foundations Yogi Vishnu ji is a person who has come across many revered masters as well as enlightened yogis and has learned various aspects of yoga and yoga therapies from them. Renowned masters of the art with whom he has been associated at sometimes or other are Swami Hari, Swami Shakaranand Giri, Swami Mauni Babaji, Swami Abdhesanand Giri, and Swami Veda Bharati among others. All these masters and devoted souls have contributed in enlightening Vishnu Ji in different stages of his life and it has reflected in his work as well. Under his active guidance Yoga Therapy Foundations has been spreading the message about natural healing through yoga therapy dispensing with harmful and painful traditional medical treatments. The tradition followed goes back to Mahavatarand AdiShankarachaya the proponent of Giri tradition.

Life in the School During Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh

We have put in place a set of well-defined and comprehensible rules and regulations aimed at promoting a satwik environment for all learners helping them in spiritual enlightenment. While the basic objective is maintaining the sanctity of the institute it also aims at giving the students a joyful and friendly life while they study here. Different departments take care of different activities and the day starts with Aarti and prayers followed by meditation and yoga and learning the art of yoga therapies combining theories and practical experiments to give the students feel of the real world tasks that lay ahead. Rules and regulations have been framed to ensure optimization of learning and creating a divine atmosphere in the institute. That is why we follow a strict and highly disciplined routine for the disciples here.

Core Features of Learning

At Yoga Therapy Foundation you will learn how to open as well as purify the body and mind and also the methods for making deeper impact on the person treated with yoga therapies. Core feature of the training we offer is to know how to prevent and release blockages in the energy flows in human anatomy that compromises the immune capacity. People suffer ailments and pains when their body becomes repository of physical as well as emotional tensions and affects the mental and physical well-being and we aim to make the learners conversant with the best possible methods of meeting the challenge.

The entire process of learning is interactive and you contribute as much to the growth and refinement of knowledge base on yoga therapy as your learning progresses with us.