Ayurveda Treatment

High Quality Ayurveda Treatments Courses at Yoga Therapy Foundation

The terminology Ayurveda refers to the combination of life and knowledge or knowledge about the life. It is a three thousand year old science and its origin is in India. The course contains the most comprehensive treatment processes around the globe and we at Yoga Therapy Foundation offer the best of Ayurveda courses for you. Our Ayurveda treatment courses encompass all important aspects of the ancient medical science like science, philosophy, and spiritualties for healthy living. Basic objective of Ayurveda treatments courses is not only healing of ailments but also generating kindness and truthfulness in people.

Incorporating 8 Branches of Ayurveda

We at Yoga Therapy Foundation incorporate all the 8 branches of Ayurveda in our courses. These are –

  • Kaychikitsa or treatment of body
  • Bala yoga or treatment of children
  • Shalya tantra that means surgical treatment
  • Salakya tantra that deals with diseases relating to teeth, nose, ear, and eyes
  • Bhuta bidya or treating causes that are not visible and are considered to be the impact of spirits
  • Agada tantra or treatment and antidotes for poison effects
  • Rasayana tantra or chemical treatments especially for anti-aging
  • Vajikarana tantra that treats for healthy as well as preferred progeny.

Following the Basic Principles of Ayurveda

Sidewise we also follow the basic principles inherent in the science of Ayurveda. The inherent principles of ancient medical science are as follows.

  • • Tridosha or three deficiencies of vata, kapha, and pitta in human anatomy. Vata is related to air and it has impact on respiration, nerves, circulations and elimination. Kapha refers to water and earth it has impact on growth and immunization systems in human anatomy. Examples are mucosal lining in the stomach as well as the cerebral spinal fluids protecting brain. Pitta is related to fire and water and it impacts the metabolism in human anatomy, especially the tissues and organs. Vata, pitta, and kapha are present throughout human anatomy and imbalances in the three can adversely affect the health condition of people. Imbalance of one or more of the three doshash is called Samsarga and all of them are called Sannipata.
  • • Pancha Mahabhutha concepts in Ayurveda. The ancient medical science is based on the belief that there are five elements in the universe that includes pritvi or earth, aap or water, tejus or fire, vayu or air, akash or space and our courses are designed to make participants conversant with the use of the Ayurveda treatments conforming to these elements. We aim to get the lifestyle balanced for the participants addressing the issues related to tridoshas.

Components of Our Ayurveda Treatments Courses

Ayurveda treatments we administer comprises of the followings.

  • Preventive medicines aimed at improving health and sustenance
  • Curative medicines aimed at treatment and cure of diseases and for these different measures like internal measures such as detoxing, external measures such as massages and oil treatments, surgical measures, spiritual therapies as well as herbal therapies are used by us.
  • Ayurveda treatments or Upakrama are of two types such as Langhana and Brimhna.
  • Langhana therapy is divided into Sodhana, and Samana. Again Samana is divided into pachana, maaruitha, dipana, athapha, khuth, thritt, and vyayama.
  • Sothan therapy or pancha karma that is divided into vaman or vomiting, basti or enema through medication, virechan or purgation, nasya or applying nasal medicines, and rakta moksha or detoxifying blood.
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Ayurveda Treatment