Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy as Part of Yoga Therapy in Yoga Therapy Foundation

Massage therapy is not only an integral part of the traditional physiotherapy but is also a constituent of the yoga therapy. It is an amazing healing system and yoga massage therapy can heal many ailments relieving long standing joint, bone, muscles, and other pains giving immense relief to the sufferer. While massage therapy itself is a healer, combining the principles of yoga therapy, ayurveda, breathing exercises and meditations in them can work wonders for the anatomy of the suffering people. Understanding this aspect of massage therapy we at Yoga Therapy Foundation have taken steps to integrate the principles of yoga, pranayaam, meditation, and Ayurveda with it thus developing the unique system of yoga massage therapy.

How it Works

In the yoga massage therapy the learned therapist leads the patient step by step through a series of yoga postures coupled with massages that would heal the inner injuries and improve the immune system in the body considerably. While you are performing the directed yoga postures the therapist would be thumbing and palming different parts of your body massaging them. Emphasis in the process is laid on the pressure points in human anatomy that can work for the healing processes through the use of yoga massage therapy.

Conditions Treated with Yoga Therapy

Multiple health conditions are treated using yoga therapy and coupling massage therapy with it. Major health problems addressed by use of yoga massage therapy are as follows-

  • Whiplash injuries sustained during moving in automobiles or riding bikes etc and the resultant pains
  • Neck pain that can be result of various reasons including over stress and using wrong sitting and standing postures
  • Low back pain that could be very troublesome at times and can even hamper free movements
  • Stress and insomnia related pains and problems
  • Tendonitis sprains resulting from the over pressure on the physique
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome frozen shoulder.
  • Pains and sufferings due to poor posture on pregnancy related issues and TMJ.
  • Muscle spasms and headaches and swelling.
  • All types of pains resulting from poor circulation.
Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Our Methodologies

We at Yoga Therapy Foundation aim to give you the best insight into the yoga massage therapy for ailing persons.

  • If you are a patient our yoga therapy and massage therapists will lead you step by step through the process of reliving you of pains and sufferings through massage based on yoga and Ayurveda
  • If you are a learner then our world class yoga massage therapists will help you get the best insight into the process of pain relief using yoga massage therapy and will teach you how to use your knowledge and skill for the benefit of the people suffering from various pains
  • To ensure these we provide you one of the best environments for using or learning yoga massage therapy for natural and harmless cure from all types of pains and sufferings and helping others to achieve the same objective.

Emphasis on Anatomic Pressure Points

Yoga massage therapy is based on the concept of using the main anatomic pressure points to restore the balance and relieve pains in the body. Thus our yoga massage therapy also embodies the inherent principles of acupressure but unlike the later the use is confined to finger and palm massaging while you are practicing the prescribed yoga posture. The art is unique and the results are amazing.

Become a certified pain reliever or yoga massage therapy instructor with our unique course at Yoga Therapy Foundation. It is only a matter of calling us or emailing us. Don’t wait; take action now.
Days Timings Price
5 days 1.5 Hour/Day 140 USD
10 days 1.5 Hour/Day 280 USD
15 days 1.5 Hour/Day 420 USD
20 days 1.5 Hour/Day 560 USD

Note: All Therapies at Yoga Therapy Foundation will be arranged on prior notice.

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