Yoga & Meditation Retreat

World’s Best Yoga and Meditation Retreat

We at Yoga Therapy Foundation provide you with the best yoga and meditation retreat across the globe. Our program is the best of the retreat programs to explore deep into the divine concepts that is underlying with yoga, meditation, nature therapy, and Ayurveda.

A Retreat that Offers you the Best

People looking to explore the divinities and beneficial effects of yoga, meditation, and yoga therapy will find the yoga and meditation retreat program offered by Yoga Therapy Foundation most befitting their requirements. With us you will have 3 days and 6 days yoga therapy and meditation retreat programs that are designed keeping in view the level of expertise of the participants.

Our Yoga and Meditation Retreat Program Suits All

We have yoga and meditation retreat program designed for the beginners as well as for advanced learners. Whichever category you might belong to, you will have something newer and of importance that will open up new vistas of yoga and meditation for you. it does not matter when and from where you are arriving and you will find some program befitting your preference running as we have programs throughout the year. We also start a new program every week so that newcomers and travelers do not face any problems in joining the program.

Beneficial Effects of Our Yoga and Meditation Retreat

There may be numerous yoga and meditation retreat programs around but what we offer at Yoga Therapy Foundation in Rishikesh is something unique and different from all others. The program contains all the finer aspects of Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashthanga Yoga among others. To make it heart touching we combine various rituals, aartis and narrations by masters of the arts of yoga therapy and meditation. It will help you gain substantial knowledge from the experts in the field. In our retreat you will have the guidance offered by best of the yoga teachers that have years of experience in the field and they are well conversant with the philosophies and principles inherent in yoga therapy and meditation.

What is so Special About Us

But what is so special about the yoga, therapy, and meditation retreat of Yoga Therapy Foundation? Please have a look at the followings and decide for yourself.

  • We take care of all your needs including accommodation, food, transport, and logistics.
  • The environment is scenic and peaceful that is ideal for pursuing yoga, nature therapy, and meditation.
  • Food and beverages are prepared with a view to provide Ayurvedic nutrition.
  • You will experience a complete transformation of your chaotic lifestyle into peaceful as well as blissful mind.
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Meditatiion Retreat

Our Yoga and Meditation Program is Different

Our yoga and meditation retreat is different and the schedule is formulated to provide you with optimum benefits of yoga, nature therapy, meditation with Ayurvedic principles. Our program includes –

  • Daily practice of yoga and pranayama
  • Chanting of mantras and performance of rituals
  • Nature excursions and Ayurvedic massages and tour of the enchanting Himalayan Range
  • Guidance from world class renowned teachers.

Expected Developments in the Retreat

When you complete the yoga meditation retreat program at Yoga Therapy Foundation in Rishikesh you will find a complete transformation in your existing lifestyle from something that was haywire to one that is disciplined and has divine flavor.

Have the exotic feeling of yoga detox and enjoy the divine experience of yoga and yoga therapies coupled with meditation and Ayurvedic treatments in the retreat. Call us or email us now.