Mantra Healing

Unique Combination of Yoga Therapy and Mantra Healing

If you wish to become a meditation teacher or an accomplished sound healer then our yoga therapy mantra healing combination course shall be ideal for you. We at Yoga Therapy Foundation can fulfill your dream of becoming a teacher of meditation and sound healing through our course containing unique combination of yoga therapy and Vedic mantras and we incorporate in it the features of meditation and Ayurveda elements as well.

Become an International Meditation and Sound Healing Specialist

Completing our highly qualitative course can help you become an international meditation and sound healing specialist that is certified. Our certificates are globally acceptable and can open up new vistas of career and life for you.

Courses on Meditation and Sound Healing that we Offer

We at Yoga Therapy Foundation offer different courses with different schedules on meditation and sound healing. Each of the courses is unique and highly qualitative and training is imparted by top class yoga and meditation specialists who are well conversant with Vedic mantra chanting. You can opt for anyone of the followings –

  • 3-days Nada yoga and meditation
  • Vedic mantra chanting and integration with yoga therapy
  • Mantra sounds and healing meditation
  • Certification, diploma, and masters program in yoga therapy, meditation and mantra healing.

What You Learn through Our Courses

We at Yoga Therapy Foundation offer certified yoga and mantra healing therapy course that teaches you –

  • How to use the sounds generated by mantras to their best effects in yoga therapy
  • Nada or Sound yoga
  • All types of sacred sounds with their healing effects
  • Healing using vibrations in mantras
  • Vedic mantra chanting
  • Immersion of mantras
  • Chakras mantras and their application in yoga therapy
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Mantra Healing

Mantra Healing at Yoga Therpy Foundation

In addition; you will also learn the art of effectively integrating yoga therapy, sound healing, mantra chanting, Ayurveda, meditation, and pranayam together to get the best results. At the end of it you will emerge as a master of yoga therapy with mantra healing treatments benefiting the entire world outside with your knowledge and skills.

Go Through Our Calendar of Courses and Schedules

To learn about details about the yoga therapy and mantra healing course, time schedule, and other relevant details go through the calendar that follows. You will also learn about the faculties who are the top class and internationally reputed masters of the art and the fee structure. Our training and support system is not limited to the period when you are physically in the foundation but we follow up with all support and guidance even afterwards connecting to you over phone or online. As a result you will never feel stranded at real times for want of support and guidance.

At the Yoga Therapy Foundation You Will Realize the Enormous Powers of Mantra

Mantras have been part of yoga and Ayurveda since their inception and the sounds of mantras have great healing powers. With us you will not only appreciate the huge healing powers of mantra chanting sounds and vibrations but will also learn to use them effectively for healing the ailments of your clients. It will not only make you an accomplished physical, mental, and spiritual healer but also give you immense pleasure in being able to mitigate the sufferings of ailing people and practice independently or part of reputed organizations the healing process. Thus the learning can help you career wise as well.

Join our unique and innovatively designed yoga therapy and mantra healing courses and emerge as inspiring and trusted proficient sound healer and spiritual guide for the people in need of such support. Why wait when the opportunity is within your grasp. Call or email us now.