Skin Problems

Address Skin Issues with Our Best Quality Yoga Therapy

Skin is the largest organ in human anatomy and it has the maximum weight and surface area among all the human organs. Skin separates the inner organs from outer world protecting them from exposure to harmful organisms. At the same time it also insulates the body. Taking proper care of skin is therefore extremely essential.

Curing Skin Problems in Natural Way

When people suffer from different skin problems they usually resort to various traditional medications and drugs for internal and external application. They may work well at times but there can be several side effects of using the drugs, ointments, and other medications. We at Yoga Therapy Foundation provide you with a natural alternative treatment dispensing with the necessity of using the drugs and ointments and yet repairing the damages caused by infection or other harmful effects to your skin. The alternative and effective treatment is through yoga therapy.

Skin Problems Cured by Yoga Therapy

Several skins related issues that traditional treatment often fails to address completely can be cured by application of yoga therapy. These include acne, eczema, hives, melanoma, psoriasis, rashes, wrinkles and such others. These are common skin problems that affect over 80% of people in the entire world and they are due to skin sensitivity, exposure to sun, hormonal problems, or vitamin deficiencies. Yoga therapy can effectively address all such issues.

How Yoga Therapy Helps

Yoga therapy helps in addressing the skin problems in following manners.

  • By removing toxins
  • Balancing messed hormones
  • Destroying free radicals
  • Calming down the nerves
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Increasing oxygen circulation
  • Relieving stress and strain
  • Developing immune system in the anatomy.

Yoga Therapy Postures for Skin Issues

We at Yoga Therapy Foundation have designed special schedule of yoga postures for addressing skin related problems. Most important among them are –

  • Padahastasana or standing forward bending for better blood circulation in face, head, and neck and balancing hormone so that healthy skin is developed.
  • Trikonasana or triangle poses for pumping fresh blood into face and removal of toxins and free radicals. It also clears out blockage and trapped stresses in facial muscles.
  • Bhujangasana or cobra pose for improving breathing and taking more oxygen for better blood circulation. It is also good for premature aging and all types of skin problems faced.
  • Janusirasana or head to knee pose that balances hormones and clears toxin from anatomic systems besides improving blood and oxygen supply to facial muscles.
  • Viparita karani or legs up the wall for arresting free radicals and increasing oxygen supplies to face. It gives excellent protection against allergies.
  • Pawanmuktasana or wind relieving pose that stimulates as well as regulates the digestive system in anatomy flushing out the toxins. It is one be the best postures for clearing acne and blemishes.
Skin Problems

Skin Problems

We Provide Natural and Healthy Skin Solutions

Skin problems can often be much more worrying than others as they are often indicative of greater health problems. Our natural yoga therapy coupled with stances, meditation, and Ayurvedic medicines flush out extra toxins from the physique an make your skin healthier, fairer, and glowing.

Resort to our yoga therapy solutions for skin problems and look as well as feel healthy both from inside and from surface. No meaning of waiting. Call us now or email us. Call us or email us now.