Diabetes Control

Yoga Therapy for Diabetes Control

Diabetes is one of the most complex health conditions and it contains a host of metabolic imbalances. Most affected areas are preparation and regulation of insulin and blood sugar in the anatomy. Diabetic patients are subjected to various restrictions and host of expensive medications and drugs. The disease is considered to be an epidemic with millions of people suffering from it. Worst part if not addressed properly it brings along various other health problems like cardiovascular, vision, and blood pressure problems. No wonder that it is considered to be a silent killer by the medical scientists. Regular blood testing is irritable and traditional medicines and treatment is highly expensive.

We Offer a Solution to Diabetic Patients that is Natural and Inexpensive

At Yoga Therapy Foundation we offer diabetic patients with a natural and inexpensive method of preventing and even curing diabetes. You must have gone through various contents stating the necessity of balanced diet and exercise for diabetic patients. We also provide the same but in a unique manner. Our process of treatment involves yoga and nature therapies along with Ayurvedic principles for diabetes control and cure.

What Our Yoga Therapy for Diabetes Emphasizes

We at Yoga Therapy Foundation emphasize on the followings for treatment, prevention, and curing of diabetes.

  • Healthy diet befitting diabetic patients with major portion containing green vegetables, proteins with omega 3, whole grain food and healthy drinks like Amla juice, blackberry juice, bitter gourd juice etc.
  • Dispensing with junk food, and foods containing starch, excess of sugar and carbohydrates, bad fat like dairy products and red meat etc.
  • Healthy and disciplined life style that is stress free and follows a scheduled routine with timely food, rest, and exercises.
  • Our exercises are combination of yoga postures, breathing exercises, and meditation that relieves stress and calms down the nerves that is essential for preventing growth of diabetes.

How We Conduct Yoga Therapies for Diabetic Patients

We at Yoga Therapy Foundation conduct yoga therapy for diabetic patients in the following manner.

  • Our expert therapists assess the physical condition and level of progress of diabetes in the anatomic system of each patient individually and design the therapy courses accordingly.
  • This is necessary because the anatomic feature of each person is different and the stages of diabetes invasion are also different for each of them.
  • Besides useful yoga postures performed by the patients they are also put to abdominal massages and diabetic diets with Ayurvedic components that would stimulate their nervous as well as circulatory systems and reduce stress.
  • We combine exercise, healthy diet, and disciplined lifestyle for the patients to address problems of diabetes.
Diabetes Control

Diabetes Control

Benefits of Yoga Therapy for Diabetes

Exercise is very effective for treatment of diabetes because it can considerably increase the insulin sensitivities and lower the blood sugar levels. Yoga is one of the best and most natural forms of exercises and it can help prevent and cure diabetes in a natural and harmless manner. Our yoga postures aim at stimulating the insulin producing cells in the anatomy. The yoga therapy we offer is also beneficial for addressing obesity, overweight problems, and blood sugar control.

Best Yoga Postures for Diabetic Patients

Some of the best yoga postures that we offer for diabetic patients are bowing, half seated twist, plow, as well as seated forward twist. All of them are meant to compress the abdomen and thereby stimulate pancreas and relieve you from stress; two most important necessities for effective treatment of diabetes.

A diabetes free life is absolutely possible with our yoga therapy. We at Yoga Therapy Foundation aim to bring back sweetness in your life. Many people have benefited with this. So why not you?