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Joining Our Yoga and Nature Therapy Course/Retreat Can Be Turning Point of Your Life.

Yoga Therapy Foundation has the retreat, joining which can easily turn out to be the turning point in your life. Get the truly transformative experience by switching on to the lifestyle that offers good health and wellness. It is also very welcome change from the busy and hectic life that is the trend in the modern society. Even if the break is small; it can do wonders for your health and well-being.

Taking the Yoga Learning to A Different Level Altogether | Best Nature Therapy Retreats 2020

In our retreat the environment and treating processes are such that it can take your yoga knowledge and proficiency to a different level altogether. The schedule is designed to ensure your progress and you will be able to have the positive effects quicker than usual.

Best Exposure for You in the Retreat

Joining the retreat can give you the best exposure possible. You will have the opportunity to share insight with the masters of yoga and yoga therapies and also benefit from the experiences of fellow learners. These are the surest processes to grown and learn.

Extended Leisure Time Enabling you to Meditate

In the resort you will have extended leisure time that you can utilize for more and intense meditation. Since you will be free from all outward interferences it would become easier for you to concentrate on the yoga and yoga therapies administered on you. The extended free time can be utilized for intense mediation.

Get the Benefits of Digital Detoxing

While our resorts offer Wi-Fi and other modern digital amenities you will experience a rare freedom from the digital detoxing as it will seem that you are unplugged from the digital world. No moiré tweeting, Internet and social network media surfing and mail checking among others. Instead; it would be a pursuit for finding the inner excellences in life and the ways and means to give relief from pain and suffering to others. The experience would be highly relaxing and enjoyable.

Nature Therapy

Nature Therapy

Become Relaxed and Free From all Stress in Life

In the retreat at Yoga Therapy Foundation you will find the chance to be free from all stresses and relax with complete freedom. You will be listening to your body and will be resting when you need without overstressing and the result would be stress free healthy life for you.

Eat Well, Sleep Well, and Be Happy in Life

Our retreat is all inclusive and besides yoga, nature therapy, and Ayurveda you will also enjoy healthy and delicious food. You can eat well, sleep well without overworking for this. No need to check for recipes or marketing in grocery shops, as you get healthy Ayurvedic nutritious food in the retreat with all works for you performed by us.

In Our Retreat Your Bad Habits Gives Away for Good Ones

In our retreat your bad habits will give away for good ones. Getting out of your regular routine for some time can dramatically change your habits and behavioral patterns. This is exactly what happens to you when you are in our retreat. Replacing unhealthy habits for healthy ones can easily transform your current lifestyle and give birth to a new lifestyle altogether.

Our silent meditation and nature therapy retreat not only detoxes your physique but also your soul thus giving you overall excellence in life. Why not enjoy such an inviting experience by registering with us.
Days Timings Price
5 days 1 Hour/Day 140 USD
10 days 1 Hour/Day 280 USD
15 days 1 Hour/Day 420 USD

Note: All Therapies at Yoga Therapy Foundation will be arranged on prior notice.

Nature Therapy

Nature Therapy in India