Yoga & Psychotherapy Training at Yoga Therapy Foundation

At yoga Therapy Foundation we offer multiple types of therapies. Our therapies and therapeutic courses are not limited to treatment of physical ailments alone but also of psychic ailments as well. We combine yoga therapy with psychotherapy to bring out the best in the process in the realm of progressive psychotherapeutic practices around. It is an addition to our existent wide varieties of yoga therapy courses and has given a new dimension to the yoga therapy courses we offer.

Based on Psycho-Spiritual Therapies

In essence the yoga psychotherapy we offer is a combination of psychic with the spiritual principles for treatment of various mental ailments. At the same time curing the mind can also result in curing various physical ailments in the process. Thus our psychotherapy is a blend of both physical and psychological aspects and the body and mind combination is a unique process of giving people relief from various pains and sufferings. Our courses are meant to take the participants deep into the emotional and mental processes in curing various diseases that can by psychic or physical.

Elements of Yoga Psychotherapy at Yoga Therapy Foundation

Basic elements of yoga psychotherapy at Yoga Therapy Foundation are as follows

  • It combines the progressive techniques relating to psychotherapy with the techniques of yoga to generate deeper inner works
  • Dissolve the existing blocks in body and mind and improves the protective mechanism in them for overall cure of the ailments
  • Participants will learn how the psychic techniques can be used to serve all types of spiritual evaluation
  • Treat the mental imbalances that often results in physical impairments in human anatomy.
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Benefits of Yoga Psychotherapy

When yoga and psychotherapy is combined together they often deliver the best results for those practicing it. At the same time a certified yoga psychotherapy practitioner can help cure many difficult and complex ailments with their treatments. This combination helps the healer go deep into the causes of ailments and this will result in easier healing of the ailments. Once the l blockage is removed physical ailments will be easier to treat. Also with the removal of mental blocks the behavioral patterns would change completely and a disciplined life style will emerge in the person treated as such.

Our Yoga Psychotherapy Course Contents

Our yoga psychotherapy courses combine theory and practices all in one. The main contents are that participants learn through our courses are as follows.

  • Terminologies in psychology and their meaning
  • Yogic theories and western theories of mind and their differences
  • Subconscious mind mapping
  • Mental projections and the process of their transferences
  • Defense mechanisms in mind and the personality traits
  • Understanding sub personalities
  • Chakra mapping with emotional traits
  • Core wounding
  • Dealing with shadows, rage, grief, trauma and other mental aspects of sufferings
  • Respective roles played by male and female and gender variations of psychic problems

What More are There

But these are not all. At Yoga Therapy Foundation you will also learn about practicing the trade of entering the inner mind with guided meditations. You will also learn about different options you have and their variations. The best thing to learn would be entering the subconscious mind for administering yogic psychotherapy and overcoming all types of resistances and block.

Passing out our courses on yoga psychotherapy makes you an internationally recognized yogic psychotherapist and a whole vista of career options will open out before you to work independently or part of an organization. Add to this the pleasure of serving ailing fellowmen and you will not like the idea of delaying joining us anymore. We are at your service all the time.
Days Timings Price
7 days 1 Hour/Day 350 USD
10 days 1 Hour/Day 500 USD
14 days 1 Hour/Day 700 USD
20 days 1 Hour/Day 1000 USD

Note: All Therapies at Yoga Therapy Foundation will be arranged on prior notice And The Cost & Timings May Varry As Per The Situation Of Client.

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