High Blood Pressure

Control High Blood Pressure through Yoga Therapy at Yoga Therapy Foundation

High blood pressure is one of the diseases that are a silent killer. People suffering from them have to be consistently on medications and cannot discontinue it at any time. There is however a great way of controlling high blood pressure naturally; by using yoga therapy.

Yoga Therapy for Addressing Hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure is usually the outcome of modern stressful life coupled with a few other reasons. Our yoga therapy at the Yoga Therapy Foundation is designed to relieve you of stress that can cause high blood pressure and hypertension. Best part of it is that the stress relief is ensured without resorting to strong drugs and other medications that often have side effects adverse to human anatomy. Our yoga therapy treats high blood pressure in a natural way relieving the person of tensions experienced.

Things to Remember

You might think that you can practice yoga on your own and get the benefits of relief from high blood pressure. But you have to remember that all yoga postures are not suitable as therapies for treatment of high blood pressure. Our retreat designed with masters of the art of yoga therapy ensures that you get the best treatment and relief from hypertension in a soothing and natural way and do not suffer the effects of using wrong posture or breathing exercise in the process.

Our Experts Treat you using Right Yoga Postures

Choosing the right yoga posture helps –

  • Triggering the parasympathetic nervous systems in anatomy ensuring rest as well as repair of lost energy
  • Switching off the sympathetic nervous system that responses to stress factors
  • Thereby balancing the anatomic system that renders several beneficial effects including normalizing blood pressure.

Result of all these are reduction of blood pressure naturally without side effects.

Control High Blood Pressure through Yoga Therapy

High Blood Pressure

Exercising Care and Caution

However the practice of yoga therapy for reduction of high blood pressure has to be carried out with care and caution. Using wrong postures won’t give the desired benefits and instead can trigger of additional health complicacies. Our accomplished and highly proficient yoga therapists tailor your practice of yoga befitting your anatomic structure and blood pressure levels. It is a scientific method that cannot be handled without adequate knowledge of the therapy. Also people under medications for high blood pressure should be careful and consult the therapists and physicians before resorting to yoga therapy for reducing high blood pressure.

How We Go For it

We at Yoga Therapy Foundation follow specific procedures for treatment of high blood pressure patients with yoga therapy –

  • Usually we start with exact need assessment of the patient carrying out a stress test.
  • Find out whether the patient has cardiovascular problems like diabetes, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, or inflammatory markers such as existence of C-reactive protein or homocysteine
  • If you test positive with any of the above conditions we would avoid the postures where legs stay at higher levels than heart and heart at higher levels than head.
  • Avoid Sarvangasana or shoulder stand and Shirshasana or head stand postures.

Yoga Postures we use to treat High Blood Pressure

  • Asanas that do not invert the body
  • Calming and restorative asanas.
  • Janushirasana that is one legged stretching.
  • Gentle hip openers like supine pigeon.
  • Postures that put spine in horizontal position slowing the head down like the Baddhakonasana or bound angle pose, Veerasana or hero pose, and Upavista-Konasana or wide angle seated forward bend.
  • Alternative postures like the Setu Bandha Sarvangasana replacing Viparita Karani as it is good for kidneys as well as soothes the nervous systems.

These are not all. At Yoga Therapy Foundation we use multiple yoga therapy treatments for addressing high blood pressure and related issues. Our healing process is completely natural and inexpensive without any adverse side effects.

A life free from hypertension awaits you. Call us or email us now to get the benefits of yoga therapy for high blood pressure. Call us or email us now.