Sound Healing

Sound Healing in Yoga Therapy that We Offer

Yoga therapy is performed using numerous tools and one of them is sound. In fact use of mantras has been in practice since the ages immemorial and coupled with yoga it can take the therapeutic effects to a new level altogether. We at Yoga Therapy Foundation appreciate this and that is why sound healing technique forms an integral part of our yoga therapy treatments. If you wish to have a deeper insight into the art and science of yoga therapy using sound healing practices then join our courses designed to serve the newcomers as well as proficient professionals with advanced knowledge in yoga therapy.

How to Use Sound Healing Techniques

Our sound healing techniques for yoga therapy comprises of the followings –

  • Perfect and effective recital of mantras that helps reach the inner core in human beings and influences the changes in anatomy.
  • Sound used properly has great healing power and that is the core features of effective recital of mantras.
  • Mantra chanting and sounds thereby generated can improve the immunity and heal various ailments through vibrations that affect human anatomy.

What You Learn at Yoga Therapy Foundation

When you opt for the yoga therapy through sound healing processes at the Foundation you will learn –

  • Role of mantras in yoga therapy
  • Principles and effectiveness of mantra sounds in yoga therapy
  • How is mantra and sound applied to other forms of yoga therapy like asana, meditation, and breathing exercises
  • Ability of mantra and sound in alleviating physical and psychological ailments
  • How the sounds generated by mantras can help spiritual illness addressing
  • How to apply sound healing technique in yoga therapy for addressing ailments of the suffering people.

Subtle and Practical Treatment

In essence; the effects of sound healing in yoga therapy is both subtle as well as practical. For patients the treatment can bring up amazing results whereas for learners it is achievement of great insights into the great ability of sound vibrations in healing various ailments. The process of yoga sound therapy is that of combining the eternal sounds of the planet earth in the process of healing and it can address all sorts of medical problems faced by human beings. An example is the use of Tibetan bowl sound massage for treatment of various ailments that has amazing power of harmonizing the cells, and creates great hypnotizing effects on the brain by slowing down the waves and putting the listener into a state of deep meditation.

Benefits of Sound Healing in Yoga Therapy

Best benefits of sound healing in yoga therapy are as follows –

  • Reduction of stress and giving relaxation
  • Release of endorphin
  • Liberating emotional traumas in both conscious as well as subconscious mind
  • Effects on the acupuncture meridians
  • Activating self-healing mechanisms in human anatomy
  • Helps deep sleep and calmness

The yoga therapy sound healing treatments are especially beneficial for headache, insomnia, fatigue, digestive disorders, joint pains, muscle pains, menstrual imbalances, chakra balancing, and aura harmonizing.

Learn the multiple benefits of sound healing at Yoga Therapy Foundation from best masters of the science.