Heart Problem

Addressing Heart Problems through Yoga Therapy

People can encounter cardiovascular or simply put, heart problems, in multiple ways. It could be atherosclerosis, hypertension, stroke, arrhythmia, heart disease, peripheral vascular diseases, and hyperlipidemia. These problems result in mortality, morbidity as well as disability.

Functioning of Heart and Yoga Therapy

Cardiovascular problems are associated with heart functions. Heart is the most important organ in human anatomy and it pumps blood and ensures that all other organs in the body works properly. It is very important therefore keeping the heart healthy and functional. Heart offers oxygen and glucose to brain consistently and amino acids and proportionate sodium and potassium and calcium to muscles and bones. Ceasing heart operation causes death within a short time. Yoga therapy aims to address heart problems in an appropriate manner so that it remains healthy and functions properly. All our yoga therapy courses are designed to keep your heart healthy and functioning the right way.

Numerous Treatment Plans

Numerous treatment plans are there for identification, prevention, and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Yet a host of challenges and especially treatment without possible side effects remains to be addressed. Using nature cure and yoga therapy can be the best solution for such problems.

We at Yoga Therapy Foundation provide you with the way to achieve this objective.

We Identify the Causes of the Problem

Multiple risk factors can lead to heart problems such as-

  • Obesity and overweight
  • Stress and hypertension
  • Smoking and psychic stress
  • Alcohol and drug consumption
  • Imbalanced diet plans
  • Reactive proteins in body
  • Tumor developments
  • Wayward lifestyle.

These are not all and there could be several other reasons leading to heart problems. We at Yoga Therapy Foundation identify the exact reasons for the problem and treat the person with appropriate therapeutic treatment.

Addressing Heart Problems through Yoga Therapy

Heart Problems

Benefits of Yoga Therapy for CVD

There are several benefits of yoga therapy for cardiovascular diseases –

  • Even short term yoga therapies can improve the cardiovascular system in the anatomy by interrupting various conditions leading to CVD
  • Yoga therapy helps in reduction of body mass indices as well as systolic blood pressure
  • It can help reducing obesity and overweight problems and decreases the IL-6 as well as adipnectin elevations.
  • Lower blood pressure and increase the lung capacity
  • Yoga improves blood circulation as well as muscle tones
  • It balances automatic nervous systems
  • Yoga therapy decreases allostatic load in the body by increasing homeostasis loads
  • Can bring back HRV to normal state.

Why Resort to Yoga Therapy?

It is scientifically established that most heart diseases can be addressed healthy lifestyle choices made by people. The best way to keep heart naturally healthy is yoga practices. It improves the functioning of entire body as well as mind.

Yoga Therapies for CVD

There are several yoga acts that help address CVD.

  • Standing postures that improve cardiac reserve.
  • Forward bend reduces heart rates and soothes the nerves.
  • Inverted posture develops contractility.
  • Back bending expands the cardiac muscles and septum. It also improves blood circulation.
  • Twisting posture stretches the heart wall and squeezes the diaphragm improving heart endurance power.
  • Pranayam changes heart shape consistently and prevents blockages and also improves heart rhythm.
  • Meditation not only improves concentration but also stabilizes the heart.

We at Yoga Therapy Foundation combine the best elements of yoga postures and acts, pranayama, and meditation all-in-one delivering the best results for your heart.

Join us and have a consistently healthy heart. It is only a matter of making up your mind to take the right step. Call us or email us now.