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Yoga Therapy for Achieving Physiological, Psychological, and Spiritual Goals

Welcome to Yoga Therapy Foundation, your one point destination for achievement of physiological, psychological, and spiritual goals using yoga therapy. Our yoga therapy packages are comprehensive and designed to achieve all your physical, psychic, and spiritual goals with a holistic approach.

Our Yoga Therapy is Not Limited to Ashthanga Yoga

While our yoga therapy comprises of all the elements of Ashthanga Yoga such as Samadhi, niyama, asana, yama, pratyahara, pranayama, dhayana, and dharana but is not limited to asthangayoga alone. Instead; our holistic yoga therapy encompasses various other elements like

  • Meditation for development of concentration
  • Textual studies for learning the inherent principles of yoga therapy, nature therapy, and Ayurveda
  • Spiritual as well as psychological counseling for calming down your body and mind
  • Prayers; chanting; imagery
  • Performance of various rituals to get the best benefits in life.

Our Yoga Therapy Ensures Balanced Life Style

One of the points where our yoga therapy puts emphasis is balancing your stressful and undisciplined lifestyle. Towards this end we introduce best diet plans and yoga exercises befitting your anatomic conditions. The results are immense development of your health condition both physical and mental and this marks the beginning of a truly successful future life for you. Before suggesting any yoga therapy for you our expert therapists usually make an in-depth study of the age, strength, and lifestyle of the client and decide on the type, period, and place of administering yoga therapy.

What Yoga Therapy Does for You

Our yoga therapy can –

  • Give you the rare sense of power developing your muscular powers, concentration, and abilities to work for extended time span.
  • Eliminate impurities from your organs and provide additional energies to your body and curing any existing health conditions.
  • Protect and improve the immune system in your anatomy.
  • Enable you to go beyond the physical and realize the inner self and witness the presence or purusha and changes or prakruti.
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Yoga Therapy Courses

Principles of Yoga Therapy

Inherent principles of our yoga therapy are –

  • Understanding what is appropriate for you
  • Differences existent among different people is appreciated.
  • Taking into consideration the geographical, ethnic, and cultural background of the participant.
  • Administering therapies after making need based assessment for the participant.
  • Taking into consideration the seasonal impacts and profession of the participant to assess the physical abilities and power of endurance he or she has including the memory powers.
  • Conforming to the true directions and path instead of just depending on what mind wants.

Core Principles of Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy intends to address various physical and mental ailments using yoga practices. The challenges at any level can be managed by reducing symptoms and increasing vitality with improvement in overall attitude of the person treated. Basically our yoga therapy focuses on the health as well as well being of the person at all three levels; physical, spiritual, and psychological leading him or her to the way connecting the body with mind which is the primary intention of administering the therapies.

Our yoga therapy is most effective for treating a number of physical and mental ailments. Try it now and you will not be disappointed with the outcome.