Our Yoga Therapy Combined with Homeopathy Can Work Wonders for Health Our Yoga Therapy Combined with Homeopathy Can Work Wonders for Health

We at Yoga Therapy Foundation offer different types of therapeutic treatment combining it with traditional treatments and one of them is yoga therapy with homeopath. Like other courses; in this case also we integrate the principles of yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, breathing exercises, and healthy diet plan and lifestyle for getting the best results out of the process.

Self-Healing is the Core Concept

We at Yoga Therapy Foundation appreciate that all human anatomies are unique and have excellent capabilities for self healing and our yoga therapy with homeopathy revolves round such understanding. It is not only human anatomy that is capable of self healing but entire living world is capable of it. The core principles inherent in self-healing are living in the present because if you are happy now then neither yesterday

Understanding Homeopathy

The pertinent question nagging at the back of your mind would be what is homeopathy and how can it be integrated with yoga therapy? Our anatomy and immune system tries to maintain equilibrium all the time and tries to keep the body stable. The process is me known as HOMOEOSTASIS in medical science. Some of the examples are –

  • Body perspire for cooling effects in hot and humid climate
  • Fluid is secreted to repair and join broken bones
  • Scar tissues are created over the cuts to protect skin and organ
  • White blood cells are produced to fight infections.

In brief: the body consistently invokes self-healing process in all cases. Homeopathy aims to use these characteristics of anatomy for self-healing in treating various ailments. It is virtually based on the science of nature cure.

Best Courses for Qualified Yoga Teachers

Our yoga and naturopathy package is ideal for qualified yoga teachers and if you are one and looking for the enhancement of your knowledge base and skill levels in natural therapy then you should not think twice before adopting to our program. The training is imparted by highly qualified international standard faculties and our courses are available at the most competitive prices.

The Concept of Naturopathy

Before acquiring skill and expertise on any profession and especially in medical science; you need to appreciate the true essence of the program you are resorting to. Therefore before starting our studies and training on Naturopathy we give you a complete overview of the process.



You Will Find Integration Easy

You will find at Yoga Therapy Foundation integrating yoga therapy with homeopathy easy because –

  • Both depend on holistic approach and natural treatment of physical, psychological, as well as spiritual illness.
  • Homeopathy based on the principles of self-healing suits principles of yoga therapies much better than traditional treatment processes.

Potency of Homeopathy

Potency of any medicine or drug is determined by measuring its capabilities for dynamism. Dynamism in Homeopathy is used to reduce the poisonous effects of medications and drugs and to enhance its healing powers. In homeopathy the drugs are constituted with finer atoms and they have greater potency in result. Our yoga therapy is designed to use this aspect of homeopathy and treatment and the main focus is on improving the self-healing capacities in the body.

Treatment without Side Effects

Our yoga therapy coupled with the principles of homeopathy aims at providing treatments for different ailments without the side effects that are usual in case of traditional treatments. The process is natural and without use of harmful chemicals and painful surgical treatments. When you join our course of yoga therapy based on homeopathy you will learn exactly how to use the two elements together for natural treatment of ailments and how to develop the immunization powers in the anatomy that can help self-healing.

There are many homeopaths and classy homeopathic treatments but none as natural and effective as the combination of yoga therapy with homeopathy. That is what we offer you at Yoga Therapy Foundation whether you are a visitor, a patient, a learner, or a prospective yoga therapy teacher. Tap our huge knowledge base and benefit from it.