Energy Healer

Become Masterful Energy Healer

If you wish to become proficient energy healer then we at Yoga Therapy Foundation have the ideal course for you. Completing our course successfully can ensure that you become one of the masterful energy healers thus serving fellow human beings and at the same time building up a highly successful professional career. In result you can get mental satisfaction of serving the needy and material satisfaction of a successful life.

You Will Become a Certified Energy Healer

Yoga Therapy Foundation can help you –

  • To become a proficient and knowledgeable energy healer
  • To become a certified energy healer with global recognition
  • To start a professional energy healing service or to accept the post of an energy healer in reputed organizations
  • To become a teacher in the stream of energy healing.

We combine the enormous powers of energy healing with our unique and high quality yoga therapy.

What You Can Do as a Certified Energy Healer?

As a certified and proficient yoga based energy healer you will be able to –

  • Ensure massive breakthrough in healing environment for the suffering
  • Make your clients get relief from age long ailments
  • You can even fulfill higher purposes by disseminating knowledge and information among your disciples and others
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Energy Healer

Our Energy Healing Practitioner Course

Once you join our energy healing practitioner course you will understand that it was providence that lead you to Yoga Therapy Foundation for learning. You will be powered with unique healing capabilities and ability to ensure greater well being. Our practical based yoga energy healing training teaches you the basic as well as advanced principles of energy healing and at the same time expedites your own journey towards energy healing. Core principles underlying our yoga therapy energy healing courses are simple. We believe that when one is committed to his or her own healing and growth such person is well placed to become the friend, philosopher, and guide for others.

Our Participants are Always Our Priority

Whether you join us as a learner of the science of yoga and energy healing or as a visitor or even as a patient looking for cure, you will always remain our priority. Learning and treatment shall be through the best masters in the trade and you will experience the amazing results yourself when you leave the Foundation. No matter what your status is we will always give you the best.

Our Yoga Therapy and Energy Healing Course

Our yoga therapy and energy healing course aims to –

  • To empower you to live higher divine purposes
  • To heal yourself as well as your kith and kin and friends
  • To make you work to bring back peace in the world
  • Provide you with expert support to become certified energy healer
  • To give you internationally recognized certificate so that you can get into the profession with eligibility for insurances.
  • Help you identify and share your healing gifts with the world.

How it Works

We use state-of-the-art techniques and deliver on demand the contents to online and physical participants. Besides theory and practical classes there are also group healing sessions as well as seminars and workshops that help you to know about the status of your healing capabilities and preparedness for the profession. The course contents are –

  • Energy systems and healing.
  • Role of energy healer.
  • Basics of energy healing
  • Types of energy healing.
  • Reiki levels 1, 2, and 3.
  • Energy healing additives.
  • How to set up the energy healing services.
An amazing power of healing that can help you and mankind is within your reach. Why not try it now? Phone or mail us now.