Treatment of Ailments

Treatment of Ailments by Yoga Therapy at Yoga Therapy Foundation in Rishikesh

Yoga and yoga therapy constitutes an integral part of modern treatments of various ailments today. Besides the physical elements that are involved in yoga therapy that is a natural way of therapeutic treatment rendering benefits in different diseases; it also incorporates various elements for mental and spiritual well-being of the person treated. At Yoga Therapy Foundation we take care to integrate all such elements of medical yoga therapy into a comprehensive package that makes it easier for you.

You Will Understand the True Essence of Yoga Therapy

In our institute you will come to terms with the true essence of yoga therapy. Yoga is not all about increasing physical flexibilities but also is a great healer and its application incorporates mental practices like meditation and breathing techniques for focus on inner excellences of life and soul and also for enhancing your body’s immunizing capabilities and self-healing.

We Treat Renal Diseases among Others

Our yoga therapy is not aimed at treating the stereotyped and non-renal diseases alone but is designed to treat life destroying diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, respiratory problems and even cancer and HIV AIDs. As the treatment with natural yoga therapy based on Ayurvedic principles continues, you will come to terms with the amazing healing powers of yoga therapy.

Major Benefits of Our Yoga Therapy Treatment

You will derive multiple benefits from our yoga therapy treatments.

  • The treatment has a positive impact on the body.
  • It helps regulate blood glucose level.
  • The treatment helps maintain healthy cardiovascular system.
  • It will increase your alertness as well as positive feelings in your mind.
  • The treatment can address negative psychic ailments like aggression, depression, as well as feats of anxieties.
  • It is natural, low-tech and at the same time safe and inexpensive.
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Treatment Of Aliments

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy or medical yoga indicates use of yogic practices including postures, meditation, pranaayam or breathing exercises, and Ayurvedic principles for treatment, prevention, and cure of medical conditions. It is not only useful in treatment of physical ailments but also in treatment of mental ailments as well. The treatment is a combination of yoga, nature therapy, meditation and Ayurvedic principles all-in-one. It also includes self-reflection as well as self-studying to achieve maximum benefits from the yoga therapy treatment. Our medical yoga therapy assumes an individualized, personalized as well as holistic approach towards healing of human ailments.

What it Includes

Our yoga therapy includes –

  • Various yoga postures befitting for treatment of the ailments
  • Breathing techniques prescribed to treat the ailment or pranayama
  • Calming postures or asanas
  • Mindfulness based practices.
  • Meditations
  • Lifestyle guidance from masters of yoga therapy and Ayurveda.

Our yoga therapy does not end with the yoga treatment retreat but they continue long after with advice, support, and guidance for the patients. The treatment administered will have long term benefits for the person on whom our yoga therapy treatment has been administered.

A healthy life awaits you. Obtain the services of our most accomplished yogic therapy treatments and live a blessed life for long. Call us or email us now.